Four Pillars

Money for Life…in good times and bad - is a blog and a book. Both focus on How to Gain Control of the Money That Flows Through Your Life and Thrive in the 21st Century

The Money For Life Blog…
  • aims to educate and inform you about what’s going on in the general econom
  • to demonstrate how the greater economy affects your personal econo
  • to illustrate what you can do to make sure you prosper regardless of market crashes or real estate bubbles or terrorist attacks
  • to share the tips, tricks and secrets that successful individuals and families have known for millennia and practiced in America since its founding almost 250 years ago.

The Money for Life Book…

describes the problems that face Americans because of the badly scewed perceptions about how to handle money that bombard us daily in the media and the press.

Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

The 50 page leather bound financial plan that you receive from the well known company with the large advertising budget is at best a snapshot of a fantasy; it represents the “level of thinking” that has America in debt up to its eyeballs with a negative savings rate for the past thre years. It is out of date when you receive it and out of touch with the reality of your life’s daily challenges.

The typical finacial plan wants for wisdom.

Think about it. Do you rush to the bookshelf to pull out your neatly bound financial plan when your family faces a crisis and you need money?

Ask yourself how you’d feel if, instead of unfounded fantasies in a fancy leather binder,

  1. 1. You were free from debt-to-others; no mortgage, no car payments, no credit card bills or store charge card balances, no home improvement balances at the home improvement center…no debt of any kind so that you are able to by land for sale in York County.

  2. 2. You had an income you didn’t have to work for but you couldn’t outlive, was protected from inflationary pressures, and wasn't decimated by interest payments and taxes.

  3. 3. You have the ability to easily pay for renters insurance Maryland and not worry about your bills not being paid.

  4. 4. You had a secure tax free legacy of your wisdom and your wealth that you could pay forward on your terms and to those you care about.

These are the Four Pillars that are the framework of all stable financial structures because they rest on a foundation of money that you – and you alone – control.

This blog and this book show you how to lay this foundation and erect this framework. Guarantee yourself peace of mind about money… and about life. Make sure you and your family have Money for Lifein good times and bad