The Dazzling Dozen

Twelve reasons why you and any money smart person should choose to build a Money for Life personal economy that lets YouBeTheBank and that works in good times and bad:

  1. You can get cash loans for bad credit whenever you want it or need it…no penalties, no waiting, no taxes.
  2. The government, your employer, or any other outsiders have nothing to say about how you operate your “bank.”
  3. Your “bank” is protected from creditors and lawsuits
  4. You can borrow against your “bank” for any reason and you don’t have to qualify in any way
  5. When you do borrow from your “bank,” the money in your “bank” keeps growing as if you hadn’t borrowed a cent…your money does double duty.
  6. Your “bank” allows you to recover the money you pay to purchase cars, household furnishings, vacations and other big ticket items or to fund education, business start-ups or any other costly expense, and deposit both principal and interest you recover right back into your “bank.”
  7. Your “bank” allows you to put all of the interest you would normally pay to credit card companies, banks and other credit grantors into your “bank” where it compounds for your benefit.
  8. Your “bank” allows you to pre-pay the cost of future health and long-term care so the money you need as you age is in your “bank” when you need it most.
  9. Your “bank” can fund an inflation-protected income that you do not have to work for and you can’t outlive
  10. You can use the money in your “bank” when an unforeseen life event throws you off track. (and that happens to everyone at some time or another).
  11. Your “bank” lets you grow your wealth tax free every year…no sliding backward…no worries about stock market crashes or real estate market bubbles... just peace of mind about your money.
  12. Your “bank” serves you without compromise while you are alive and allows you to pay forward - tax free and to anyone you choose - your legacy of wealth and wisdom.