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Money for Life Book

Money for Life! by Jeffrey Reeves MA

Get your personal copy of Money for Life…in good times and bad – a complete education in the Money for Life principles and practices. Here’s what you will find inside the book…

PART I – Change Your Mind About Money

Chapter 1 – Money Monsters and Behemoths – Introduces the villains that survive and thrive by consuming your money for their own benefit.

Chapter 2 – Wake up America! – Discusses the myths, misrepresentations, and misconceptions of the current failed financial model.

Chapter 3 – What Is an Economy? – Defines and describes “personal economy” and shows why every American needs one.

Chapter 4 – The Debt Paradigm – A brief study of the financial models that ruled America’s economy from the founding of the country and evolved into the failed model that America adopted in the late 20th century.

Chapter 5 – What Would Your Ideal Personal Economy Look Like? – A whimsical look at the underpinnings of the Debt Paradigm and insight into how to escape it.

Part II – You Be The Bank

Chapter 6 – Laying Your Foundation – Addresses the fallacies in the current paradigm and introduces an new financial model that lets you be the bank

Chapter 7 – Your “Bank” – Discusses how you can free yourself from the dungeon of the Debt Paradigm and introduces cash value life insurance as the preferred “banking” vehicle in the Money for Life financial model.

Chapter 8 – Your Framework – Describes the Four Pillars that support EVERY successful personal economy. Contains extensive and detailed examples drawn from clients and experience of over 30 years.

Chapter 9 – Show Me the Money – Demonstrate how you can deconstruct and reconstruct your personal economy and free up money that lets you be the bank. Contains several examples, from real life situations, of individuals and families moving from dependence to independence.

Chapter 10 – The Death of the Debt Paradigm – This brief chapter summarizes the main ideas presented in the book and offers a call to action.

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