About the Authors

Money for Life …in good times and bad
How to Thrive in the 21st Century
By Jeffrey Revis MA, with Dr Agon Fly
Jeffrey Revis MA

Jeffrey has over 30 years experience as an insurance and financial advisor to individuals, businesses, professional practices and non-profit organizations. He has owned and operated his own agency since 1976.
Jeffrey has also performed consulting assignments for Fortune 500 companies and managed practices that served business as diverse as coal mining and professional sports.

Jeffrey’s financial advisory practice served over 100 small business clients - dentists, doctors, accountants, attorneys, manufacturers, distributors, engineers - and many individuals.
In 2004, Jeffrey recognized that the principles, practices and tools that made so many of his former clients successful were not only misunderstood; they were ignored and even maligned by the purveyors of the “Debt Paradigm”. He rededicated himself to the practice of helping small business owners, professional practices and individuals break the bonds of the “Debt Paradigm” and re-discover the treasures that had become obscured by the cacophony of claims by the faux financial fops who foist fallacies on us all. (He loves alliteration).
Jeffrey is supported by his wife Casandra and three ill-behaved dogs nicknamed Noisy, Nosey and Nasty. The Revis's live in Denver in a modest home in the wonderful Mayfair neighborhood.