Money for Life from Payday Lending Companies

Americans are trapped

in a dysfunctional financial model that incessantly chants its mantra: "You can have everything you need and anything you want as long as you have enough credit!" You can have the sixty inch flat panel TV from the big box store, the new SUV, the dream vacation, the lavish "it-only-happens-once-in-a-lifetime" wedding, the upscale home in the hottest new neighborhood, a perfect retirement, and on and on and on…

There is nothing wrong with needing to have to borrow money from direct payday lenders to make ends meeet, but Most Americans shouldn't have to do that to be able to pay their bills and have a roof over their head.

Don't think that payday loans are all so bad because of the bad press they sometimes get. There are payday loan companies that aren't always the best and most honest. You can get into quite the hole or revolving circle of debt if you continue to get payday loans every week. That is where a lot of people get into problems when they have to pay off a previous payday loan with another payday loan. It can become quite the vicious cycle.

Some may think it's better to just overdraw your bank account, which is not the case. A lot of banks charge you a daily fee of up to $35 for everyday that your account is overdrawn. That can really start to add up everyday. You can pay more just to pay off these fees and still be overdrawn which is an even more vicious cycle.

The sad part is that the government isn't there to help everyone in need. They do offer government assistance to those that need it, but in most cases it is abused by the recipients who get that government money. It's sad that not all Americans can get the same assistance for when they need it, even if it may be temporarily.