Americans can't pay off debt, get auto insurance and loans with bad credit.

We have been convinced that our role is simply to earn, borrow, spend and repay debt.

The result of this kind of economic thinking has been the consolidation of financial resources and the concentration of the money;which belongs rightfully in the pockets of everyday Americans;in a limited number of accounts that are owned and controlled by Behemoths. The Behemoths have created a Collective Economy where we Americans are expected to give over control of our money to strangers and hope that they care for it as thoughtfully and prudently as we would.

We struggle everyday to get the help that we need to get by. Some have to sell their precious belongings or work 2 or 3 jobs just to get by. Others need to look for the best payday loans to get online to make ends meet. As long as you pay them back regularly when you get your paycheck you don't really pay that much interest. It's better than overdrawing your bank account or taking out cash with your credit card, both of which really rack up the interest rates...sometimes even having daily fees added onto it.

Others try and find the best ways to budget and save their money. If you spend the time to shop around for products, groceries, clothing, properties, insurance and more then you can really pay less than you would expect. If you live in the Northeast and are looking for car insurance you may want to get cheap auto insurance in Maryland as they have the best rates around.

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