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The Money for Life Blog brings America information, education, and insight about a personal financial management strategy called EUREKONOMICS™ that promises

  • Freedom from debt-to-others
  • Ready cash to deal with life’s surprisingly unsurprising surprises
  • An income that you don’t have to work for and you can’t outlive
  • A legacy of wealth and wisdom to pay forward to those you care about

Jeffrey Reeves coined the term EUREKONOMICS™, which combines two ancient Greek words into a unique 21st century term…

  • Eureka—means “I found it!”
  • Oikonomiaeconomy in English—means “household management.”


Unfortunately, theorists distorted the original meaning of economy.  Today’s American families are no longer managers of their households.  A volcanic eruption of misinformation and disinformation over the past forty years has buried common sense under conventional wisdom and convinced Americans that their role in “The Economy” is to relegate their cash to consumption and forfeit control of their future to the government and Wall Street…Behemoths.

Behemoths—big government (especially the IRS), big unions, big banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the mortgage industry, big investment firms, big lobbyists like AARP, and others—that use Madison Avenue tricks to bamboozle Americans into giving up control of their personal economies and adopting practices that make them  indentured servants to the Behemoths.”

Personal Economics

EUREKONOMICS™ on the other hand, preserves the original meaning of the word economics and embodies the common sense economic principles and financial practices of the Founders and Builders of America.

The subscribers to this blog know more about personal economics than most insurance and financial advisors, planners, and brokers.  Economics—not investing—is at the core of EUREKONOMICS™.

Quick Money Schemes

Those who follow this time tested and proven strategy stand alone as the last bulwark against foolishness and schemes like…

  • buy term and gamble…they call it investing
  • leveraging home equity to gamble it in risk-based markets—they claim that’s what rich people do…not true
  • refinancing your home time and again and paying the first five to seven years of interest over and over…that makes the Behemoths rich and you poor
  • pouring money into retirement accounts to earn a tax deduction today—in effect borrowing money from the IRS—then having to pay much higher taxes later…if there’s anything still in the account
  • dozens of other snake oil strategies and ponzi schemes that have misled Americans into a dungeon of debt and despair

Become your own economist—a EUREKONOMIST—and register so we can keep you up to date with the latest from

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